Zen Cart Installation

Zen Cart Load - Plain

Yes, Zen Cart is a free, open-source, e-commerce program extraordinaire.
You are perfectly welcome to install the software on your site without our assistance. However, many are not familiar with the nuances of Zen Cart Installation or simply don't like having to read directions step-by-step. For those of you who stand in front of a microwave and holler, "Hurry Up!", We can get your cart installed in no time.

This is a basic setup of the latest version of the Zen Cart Shopping Cart.
Perfect for the person that wants to "be in control." No mods, categories,
products, or graphics are installed. We will load the cart, create the database and set the configure files for your site.

NOTE: Although a plain-Jane version, we do include all bug fixes and security patches that are known at the time of installation.

Zen Cart Load - Initial

This installation is the most common for our customer's. It is a Plain Installation of the current Zen Cart version with the addition of more than twenty mods, security patches, USPS installation (if required), category setup, product setup for up to five products, and all security patches/bug fixes.

An ideal selection for the individual willing to learn how to install categories, products, product images, etc. We'll get you started and train you to "fend for yourself" in no time.

We're teachers at heart and will spend time during setup to connect screen to screen to show you the power of Zen Cart.

Zen Cart Load - Patched

This installation is the result of several customers' requests. It is a "bolder" version of the Initial Installation with the addition of setup for up to five categories, and product setup for up to five products per category, and assistance with attribute creation.

An ideal for the individual wanting more knowledgeable assistance in installing categories, products, product images, etc. We'll assist you in devising a proper category/product layout.

Being teachers at heart, we'll spend time during setup to connect screen to screen to help you harness the power of Zen Cart.

NOTE:This installation includes all of the current security patches and bug fixes. This is an important in order to attain PCI compliance.

Zen Cart Load - Startup

This installation has us doing the work. We'll load a well-modded version of Zen Cart with current security/bug fixes included. If required USPS mod will be installed as well.

All we need to get started are your company graphics, product images, and product descriptions. With over 24 years total experience with Zen Cart, our staff will take it from there.

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