Hell Froze Over

  • 23rd February 2021
Just in case you missed it, the worst winter storm on record hit the State of Texas recently.  We broke record low temperatures that were set in 1909! We are the largest producers of wind energy in the U.S. but, decided we didn't need to put antifreeze in them because "it doesn't get that cold in Texas." We produce a LOT of solar energy but had ...
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Just Sayin'

  • 10th May 2018

Not only are we specialized Zen Cart hosts, we are long time participators in the Zen Cart forum.  Our staff have created, modified, or participated in over 15 Zen Cart modifications.

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Contact_Us Email Spam

  • 29th March 2018
Many of you have been receiving spam from the Zen Cart contact_us form.  It seems that the "script kiddies" have created a get around for the built-in robot trap. We've gone through all the Zen Cart sites on the server and modified the proper files and locations to stop this problem. Unfortunately, this does not stop the "script kiddies" from ...
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Are you getting A+ service from your host?

  • 14th June 2017
If you're like most folks in the e-commerce business, you're busy concentrating on selling. As long as the site's up, everything's fine.  Right?With a brick and mortar, you don't really have to worry about the doors being removed or various rooms in the store being unexpectedly behind a locked door.  This can happen at any moment in the ...
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