New Zen Cart Version Released

  • Tuesday, 23rd July, 2019
  • 21:57pm

Zen Cart® just recently released version 1.5.6c of their e-commerce software.  Unlike 1.5.6, 1.5.6a, and 1.5.6b, we think there's a winner here for the average e-commerce shop.

Along with the newer version, Zen Cart® released a security update that's embedded in the 1.5.6c version.  That security update needs to be applied to all Zen Cart® installations.  The good news is, if you are our customer, your site was updated "at no additional charge."  We do the same with USPS Shipping PayPal Express, and Square Processing.

Ready to join the Zen Cart® e-commerce community?  We've got options from you do it to we do it.  Just pick what works for you.

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