Hell Froze Over

  • Tuesday, 23rd February, 2021
  • 13:02pm

Just in case you missed it, the worst winter storm on record hit the State of Texas recently.  We broke record low temperatures that were set in 1909!

We are the largest producers of wind energy in the U.S. but, decided we didn't need to put antifreeze in them because "it doesn't get that cold in Texas."

We produce a LOT of solar energy but had no system to remove the snow that stayed on the panels for several days.

Even coal and natural gas production was curtailed due to frozen water pipes.

All of our technicians were affected by the storm and I am still without water full time.  We can turn it on temporarily for showers and minor usage but that's it.

San Antonio and local area grocery stores lost power long enough that all refrigerated and frozen items had to be removed from the shelves.  The shelves are still bare in most stores but, Texans are strong and we will be back on our feet in no time.

Of course, we tried to keep up with our remote operations but, in my case, the power was off more than on so much that my UPS did not have time to charge.  Luckily my computers survived although I will have to recreate the file that had all the FTP information for three major programs I use in my work with our customers.  I couldn't get the computer properly shut down before the UPS shut off.

If you were dealing with me or any of our techs on a matter/project and have not heard from us, we are not ignoring your needs.  Even though we are teachers at heart, all teachers will endeavor to make sure their immediate family is taken care of in these times.

Hopefully, we can get settled back into our normal routine today.

Many thanks to those of you who have been patient with your matter/project and thanks to many neighbor "Angels" who have been helping when needed.


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