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You got an email saying something like "Email Password Expired" and you don't know if it's true.

iPhone image of the email


You can be SURE it's not from us!  And, you can probably check for yourself.  Most e-mail programs will let you see the actual sender's e-mail address.  In the case of this e-mail and an iPhone e-mail program, tapping on the bold text Server Notification will change the title to blue like the image below.

Spoof e-mail with Title


Apple is trying to help you create a contact but, when you click on the Server Notification this time, it gives you the REAL e-mail address.

Real e-mail address of the spoof

Other e-mail programs may do this for you as well.  You can experiment on a known good e-mail to find out.


Our saying has always been, "You will NEVER get a virus from someone you don't know because we're all suspicious beings."  Yet, if we get an email from a friend or company we have an account with, we will often open it no matter how weird, misspelled, or unlike the wording of the sender just because we know them."

Be safe out there!

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