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How to Get Square WebPay Running Properly.

Square WebPay will use the same web application that you built for the old payment module BUT, some changes need to be made to ensure that you, your customers, and their bank get the correct information to process the transaction.

First of all, you will need to have an account with Square and log in to with your Square username and password.

You should see a page that looks like the image below.  You may not have any Applications and that’s fine, we'll create one if needed.  If you have more than one, we’ll also address that later.


Again, the image above shows more than one Application.  If you have none, there should be an option to create one. For now, just click on the option that works with your Zen Cart store or the option to create a new App.

When you click on the Open button, you will see the Credentials page for your Web Application.

On the above area of the Credentials page, you will need to make sure the Production button is highlighted and that the Production Application ID matches the one in your Zen Cart admin Square WebPay.  If this is a new App, you will need to name it.  We suggest something like MySite WebPay where MySite is the name of your Zen Cart site.  Now, continue on with the following:

Scrolling down the same page, you’ll find the API version your Square account is currently using.

If your API version does not say 2022-02-16, click on the Change version and make sure you are using the 2022-02-16 version.


Once you’ve verified the Production Application ID and got the API Version using the latest version, Click on OAuth in the left-hand menu (it’s the second item down).

That will bring up the Oauth Page.  Make sure the Production button is highlighted at the top of the page.

The first item in the form is the Production Redirect URL.  This is just as important as the Production Application and the Production Application secret.

Since you are already using Square, the URL should be filled in with something like  This MUST be changed to match the new WebPay link.

The Production Redirect URL for your Square WebPay should be set to or the WebPay will not work.

While still on this form, click on the Production Application secret Show button and verify that this matches with the code in your WebPay.

For the last step on the Square website, you need to click on the Locations selection in the left-hand menu (the second from the bottom).  If you do not have an established Location, you should see something like the following:

You do NOT have to have a location set if you only have ONE shopping cart BUT, I would set one up anyway.

Click on the Create Location button and set up a location for your Zen Cart WebPay settings.

If you need more than one, just repeat the steps to add more.

The example below shows several locations for this Square Account.  You can have as many locations as you have Web Applications.

If you have a website for clothing, one for electronics, and one for your hot sauce; you will need to have a location set up for each of those sites.  If you don’t have the location associated with the right store, your customer may see a bank statement saying they bought hot sauce when they actually bought a new mouse for their computer.

The Location is the ONLY way of making sure a Square account with multiple Web applications properly notifies the bank and the customer as to which company was paid.

It’s now time to return to your admin >> Modules  >> Payment and click on the circled-I for Square WebPay.  Then click on Edit.

Scroll down to make sure the settings are like you want them.

The location may not propagate until you set the Access token but, it will show up in the following area.

You may need to check back here after setting the Access Token just to make sure all is right.

The last step is to Authorize your account (Set the Token).

When you click the blue Edit button, set the WebPay to True, and click on The red Update button; the mod will have a green link for you to click on and authorize your account.

If you are not successful when clicking on this link, it generally means you did not get the Redirect URL correct.  The correct URL will be just above the green link.

If you ARE successful in Authorizing the account, the circle next to the sort order for WebPay will turn from yellow to green.  If it doesn’t, you may have forgotten to set the Enable Square Module to True.

If you’ve reached this point successfully, you can now remove the old Square payment module and start using the WebPay module.

If you run into problems, open a ticket and we’ll do what we can to get you going.

Thanks for the opportunity to keep your business going.
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